2. caferacerdesign:

    Cafe Racer Design Source
    Honda CM125 @caferacerdesign

  3. insuh:

    Esmé - love at first sight

    forthcoming set here / my insta

  4. (Source: ajenposts, via gthegentleman)

  5. mpdrolet:

    Swimmer’s pool, Wolfsburg, c. 1958

    Heinrich Heidersberger

  9. spokeart:

    Brooklyn-based artist Scott Campbell has created this amazingly detailed Gangs of New York painting exclusively for our Scorsese art show, happening this weekend in New York!

    Entitled “The 5 Points Experience” this original watercolor on paper painting will also be available as a print, so stay tuned!

  11. thenewmanhattanite:

    By James Karales.

  12. mpdrolet:

    Passive Resistance Training, SNCC, Atlanta, GA, 1960

    James Karales

    Duke University Library Archives

  13. poligraphycspeech:

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Yolanda King, Atlanta. 1962. by James Karales

  14. mpdrolet:

    Selma to Montgomery, 1965

    James Karales

  15. secretcinema1:

    Lower East Side, 7th Street, C + D, 1969, James Karales